Just Gin

Created out of the love for one of the world’s most popular and complex spirits, the Just Gin card game is a must for any gin fan. The detail and thought that has gone into this versatile card game shines through, appealing to both gin novices and connoisseurs alike. Presented in a stylish metal box, Just Gin is a perfect gin related gift or ideal party game.


Just Gin – A Gin Card Game

The Just Gin card game was born in 2015. It is the brain-child of two German brothers-in-law who were fascinated by the depth of flavours and variety of bouquets reflected in gins from around the world. They wanted others to discover the delights of gin in a unique gin related gift.


Just Gin can be played as a “Top Trumps” style card game with a choice of six categories. Players can pitch gins from around the world against each other in areas such as botanicals, age or production. Alternatively, Just Gin is a fun twist on the classic quartets game.


Just Gin features award-winning gins from well-known, international brands and small batch, contemporary products from independent producers. As an added bonus, each card highlights the distiller’s perfect serve – straight, on the rocks, with mixers or in a delicious cocktail.


Find your perfect gin related gift

After launching the highly successful, original 1st edition Just Gin card game, a further set of 36 gins quickly followed in a 2nd edition. Then, the Just Gin world grew with a range of gin related gifts to appeal to every gin lover;


* “Drink More Gin” candle

* “Let the party beGIN” candle

* Gin & Tonic candy

* Trucker cap

The Just Gin online store is just a click away – feel free to browse our range over a gin and tonic!